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Mario M
Excellent Ebike for the price.

After having ridden it a few times, I can finally give a well informed review. It is excellent. The performance is on par with much more expensive bikes. It shifts smoothly and quickly. The electric motor works perfectly and gives just enough assistance to help with steep hills on 1 setting and becomes much more powerful as you increase the settings. On throttle alone, it manages 35 km/hr without any issues. The battery seems to be fine offering a good autonomy. I am 5 ft 11 and the comfort level is great on a 28 inch version. The only complaint I have is the shipping packaging. The only reason it does not get 5 stars is the packaging. My bike arrived in a damaged box. The frame had some minor scratches and scrapes but nothing serious enough to return the bike. I think that the bike could use better packaging and protection. I found there was a lot of looseness in the box allowing components to bang around during shipping. Other than that, this bike is probably the best bang for the buck out there right now! I strongly recommend it!

Arnold Bylund
Broken out of the box

Received bike on time but after it was together I took it for first ride and peddle assist didn’t work after jumping throw lots of hoops with NCM they finally sent me a new controller and now bike works also I purchased my bike Mar 2024 and manufacture date on bike is 2021 very disappointed in that as I would of never bought bike if I knew that or it should of been discounted on the price, so it would be nice if NCM sent me 20% of my money back

Battery received as per original

Thank you for supporting your products with spare parts.

I got what I paid for

Intermittent Controller Issue ...

Problem SOLVED Now - Failure at 4500kms - Otherwise GREAT BIKE ..Full Suspension & BIgger Battery would be Perfect

As Expected

Quick and efficient

NCM Moscow Plus
Jean Marc Lacombe
Good bike for the price

I like my mountain plus bike.The only problem i have, the third speed jump when i put some pressure . Its not an adjustement, everything is fine. The problem is with
the freewheel .I did 70 kilometer with the bike and it attenuate the problem a little.

Batterie de remplacement NCM

c'est exactement la même batterie arrivée en 7 jours ouvrable

NCM Prague/Aspen/Moscow/M3/T3s/T3 Display - L6BT or L7BT

M3 Throttle

Part received quickly and working fine, easy to install. A note regarding throttle construction itself, spring clip inside throttle broke on original one which was 6 months old and should be a little thicker for endurance and lifespan.

NCM Prague
Éric comeau
NCM- Prague- what a bike ! over 13200 km done since april 2021

I bought a NCM- Prague in april 2021. It reached over 13 200 km and it still works great; i use it in winter time since i bought it. some maintenance needed and a new battery. Quelle vélo. Robuste et le controleur et le circuit électrique est pratiquement infalllible... J'en ai acheter un 2 eme tellement il est fiable.

replace brokenSPRING yourself for $.05

exactly what i expected

Great battery

I am happy with my new battery. I can use my bike again for hours.

Love this battery. Built tough. Dropped down tile stairs off of a ledge and survived with scratches. Still works the same.

Green light and red light are not correct sometimes. Seems to be confused when connecting. Reconnect and it fixes itself. Still works though. Not bad.

Roger Julien


NCM Milano Plus
Bruno Turmel
Très bon rapport qualité/prix

Je n’ai pas pu l’essayer encore en raison de la neige ( Québec) dans les rues mais c’est un vélo qui a tout ce que je désire, il y a même un accélérateur d’inclus. Il est facile de l’assembler et toute les indications y sont.

Replacement light


Keith Ryan
Good Value

I love the simplicity of this bike and the linear power delivery. I did change the seat to something more comfortable. No gears required. it's quick, light and agile. For the price I don't see how you can go wrong.
So far enjoying it a lot.

NCM Milano Plus
wilfred e. wagner
were is the serial # of these bikes ?

were is the serial # of these bikes

Robert Burns
Great bike

Received this bike, well packed with no damage. Was quite easy to assemble and looks great. Unfortunately I won’t be able to ride until spring but have owned other NCM’s and that is why we bought these. Excellent company and product..

Great bike

Bought this for my wife, she wanted a step-through. East to assemble and set up. Won’t be riding it till spring now but we had a couple NCM Moscow’s and they were fantastic bikes. Excellent company to deal with also. Highly recommended.


Very prompt service, I was happy my shipment showed up much earlier than I thought it would.

I bought this 2nd battery pour long ride. Now I did not use yet, summer was too short